This is where we catalogue all of our trips through The Void. You may peruse at your own discretion. Ratings will accompany each of the segments and I cannot be held liable for the potential shocking and gut-wrenching material and how they may affect you. Hmm. I think that’s it for the disclaimer. Enjoy!

Too Many Shirts

An old man notices the weird clothing choices of the younger generation. These details stick with the man as sinister happenings come about. Rated: T

A Void Christmas

Yuki and her assistant go into the Void for some holiday cheer Rated: E

The New Family – Part 8

After viewing and listening through the various recordings and logs, Jaden tries to lay low as while working out how to find her family.

No Excursion Tonight

Due to a personal situation beyond our control, there will be no story this evening. We will resume our regular posts in a fortnight. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The City Council

A local city council makes a vote that will changes the lives of its citizens and themselves, forever. Rated: M

Something’s in the Woods

A young boy encounters a monster in the woods during a neighborhood block party. The worst part is that the monster recognizes him and tries to lure him away from family and friends.

The Order Picker

A warehouse worker has an incredibly boring start to the day, halfway through, however, the unimaginable happens. Rated: M

The Last Dominion

The last remaining custodian of a distant planet reflects on the past few hundred years of its history. Rated: T

Mr. N1ceguy268

A young woman starts a side-gig as a camgirl. She quickly makes big money off one of her regular customers, who may not be what he seems. Rated: M

The Horrors of Thogerth VII

Concerned about the current goings-on in their own country, a war veteran shares a jarring tale from the past that may be connected somehow.

The Outskirts of Jacobs Basin

A winter storm leaves the residents of Jacobs Creek stranded. Ian Murphy lives in the outskirts of the town and is about to witness strange happenings during the weather event.

The King’s Personal War

A king and his faithful magician engage in a war far behind the front lines, but not everything is as it seems.

A Pleasant Mountain Drive

A couple on holiday decide to take a more scenic route home. Everything is going well until strange trees keep popping up in the background.

The Sevastopol Incident

A spy aboard a Soviet vessel tries to collect information for his superiors across the pond.

The Trial of Yuki Masaki

A slight change to our normal fortnightly broadcast. Something has gone down in the lab and Yuki and I have been temporarily detained by some guy that has beef with Yuki.

The Swing

What was supposed to be a pleasant outing becomes a night of terror for a mother and father as their young child is drawn to a swing near a riverbank.

The Intruder

A break-in is never an ideal way to start the evening. A woman comes home and discovers the intruder may still be in her home…

The Terrors

Soldiers traverse a war-ravaged colony and a safehouse is a little too close to the fighting. Meanwhile, old friends reunite and talk about the old days.

Please Let Me In

Alone one rainy night, there’s a knock at the door. No one’s there. But a voice calls out all the same.

Too Late To Leave

A regional Australian town is on the verge of disaster as bushfires engulf the countryside.

Greetings from Mermaids Bluff

A young woman finds a picturesque town for her travel column. However, this little hamlet holds a deep, dark secret…

The Visitor

A stranger to a small town becomes increasingly wary of their neighbours and other locals. Rated: T

A Pleasant Holiday at Sea

A holiday out on the Pacific takes a sudden turn near the end of the voyage. Rated: T

The Canal

A pair of kids playing in the safety of their own neighborhood have a deadly encounter searching for a stray playground ball. Rated: M

The Babysitting Gig

A high school girl has the fright of her life while in charge of a kindergartner for the evening. Rated: T

Til Death

A cancer scare sends an elderly woman into a dark and horrifying chapter of her life. Rated: T

The New Family

A mother and her four children tear out of Ohio in a cramped car. Where could they be going? What could they be running from? Rated: M

The Price of “Freedom”

A small group of friends decide to risk the odds of remaining unvaccinated amid a global pandemic. Rated: M

What’s Killing All the Birds on Pembroke Road

On Monday there was one dead pigeon on the side of Pembroke Road. On Tuesday, an Indian myna and two magpies were found rotting and partially eaten. By the end of the week there were more avian corpses than rubbish on this particular stretch of road. Rated: M

Don’t Tell the Missus

A father explains away the injuries he’s sustained on his travels. Rated: T

Some Things Never Change

A privileged man experiences the hardships and trauma of those less fortunate than himself. Rated: M

The Dive

A relaxing swim turns into a morning of terror for a father trying to cope with the stresses of daily life. Rated: T


A pro-wrestling match doesn’t go exactly as planned. Rated: T

The Broken Streak

A glimpse of a typical morning for a mother and daughter living remotely. Rated: E

The Dogfight

Tense aerial combat breaks out as a school gymnasium filled with with children look on. Rated: T

An Android’s Story

A young man learns a disturbing secret about himself. Rated: T

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