This is the area that hosts supplemental material. It’ll be updated from time to time, mostly after each new excursion. Vending machine is just over there and there are some arcade cabinets and pinball machines to break up the monotony.

The Origin Story – When Yuki met her assistant.

An Android’s Story – originally written in 2007 and published on 16 October of that same year on 365tomorrows.com


The Dogfight – This idea was originally conceived circa 2000-2002. There are no big mechs here, but I was certainly into Gundam Wing on Toonami, so the idea of big space battles and colonies in space was fresh in my mind. The inspiration for this was based on a real thing the armed forces do in the US (well…in my high school at least). Near the end of the school year, they bring in representatives from all the branches (National Guard, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines) and pimp themselves out to mainly the senior class, but to any kid that would listen or take a pamphlet with the promises of money, brotherhood, and paying for (or heavily subsidizing) college studies. I remember one year specifically, one of the branches brought in a big-ass inflatable obstacle course for any student to run in the gym. They made it a really fun event. Friends bet with other friends on how fast they could do the course (if they could finish it at all). There was less spirit at a pep rally compared to this. I remember watching this shit from the bleachers (post 9-11) thinking how many kids they snagged with this go-around. Written on 9 February, 2017.

The Broken Streak – Written in early 2021, completed on 18 May. Inspired by the latest drought in New South Wales, which started in 2017 and culminated in the Black Summer bushfire season of 2019-2020. La Niña mercifully gave much needed rainfall to the state in the latter half of the 2020 all the way through the summer of 2021.

Kayfabe – Originally written in 2020, first draft completed on 28 July. Big wrestling fan here, guys. The concept of this story probably came about during my university years, but never put down in ink. This was only one match of several that I’ve drafted in my mind.

The Dive – Originally written at university in late 2011 with some adjustments made in 2014.

Some Things Never Change – Written through early July of 2021 after watching through a couple seasons of The Twilight Zone. With all the bullshit happening to people of colour throughout the US and Australia, especially in the 21st century (and despite the abundance of body cam and cell phone footage), it reminded me of the first segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie. It really is depressing on how little has actually changed.

Don’t Tell the Missus – Originally written on 7 April 2015 after being conceived during the previous year’s NaNoWriMo.

What’s Killing All the Birds on Pembroke Road? – Originally written and posted on the NoSleep subreddit on 3 September 2019 (after seeing an alarming amount of bird corpses along the titular road in late August). It never did get picked up by The NoSleep Podcast. *sad face*


The Price of “Freedom” – Written through the month of August and completed hours before posting on 21 August 2021. The concept came about after seeing and reading about all the dipshits crying about their “freedom” when it came to wearing thin pieces of cloth over their faces and being asked to stay home during a pandemic–making life a living hell for everyone who wanted to do the right thing.

The New Family – Started on 23 August, 2021. Based on a friend whose children look.exactly.like.her.

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