Yuki: Good evening again everyone! Tonight we’ve locked on to a bit of a different personal tale.

Assistant: We’ve still been unable to locate Nicole and her kids. We’re trying like hell though. Systems have been going full blast since we last saw them.

Yuki: Absolutely have. It’s sweltering in here with the overtime my baby has put in trying to sort that out…Anyways, tonight’s vision from The Void concerns a stranger to these here parts…or somewhere out there on this little planet we call Earth. They’ve hunkered down in a quiet suburb and not quite sure how they got there…and not sure what kind of people are all around him. Follow us as we keep an eye on… 


The circumstances of my being here on this planet at this particular time are unknown, even to me. One moment I was there and the next I was here…inhabiting this body. It is strange and foreign to me; I am still acclimating to it. The bodily functions, much like the spoken and written language are becoming intuitive. The…human’s…memories are still settling beneath my own. I know they are not mine, but they are present, just below the surface.

I am only chronicling the events now because of the abject horror I experienced earlier today.

I spent the past three days in isolation learning how to do things the proper…human…way. Once I was sure I was ready, I took myself out for a wander.

It was quite a pleasant experience after being sequestered for three days while my curiosity of the outside world piqued. Pleasant at first, anyway. Walking down the footpath, a woman came down the opposite way. I offered a pleasant smile and silently hoped I would not mess up the vocalisations. The word came out quiet: ‘Hello.’

The woman returned the smile and replied, ‘Mornin!’ She passed by me and her voice exploded, aimed directly to my ear: ‘Run! Run! Run! Don’t look! Eyes forward! Keep moving! Please keep moving!’

My feet staggered and I nearly tripped over myself. Her fear and anxiety stabbed me like a dagger made of ice. I turned to face the woman, but she was on her way at the same pace she was going.

That was strange.

Was this something humans could do? Nothing on Television or the distant memories of my host alluded to that.

A few cars passed by and some people walked down the footpath on the opposite side of the road; I paid them no mind–at least I gave them that impression. Nothing. I guess I must have been too distant. Everything was quiet after that, save for the rustling of leaves in a light breeze and the calls of unseen rosellas. These new experiences but having the old memories to give them context was quite the feeling!

A bell rang in the distance somewhere ahead of me, off to the right. Church bells. That’s right, it was Sunday. It was on the way to the grocery store…it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek.

I approached the front lawn of the church and saw all of the people congregating. Still too distant for distinguishable conversation, but oh could I see and hear the sensations hanging around and above the people–those were perfectly clear. Some called for help. Some were anxious and unsettled. Angry. A number of them were the most alarming of all: predatory.

All of this despite the smiles, laughter, handshakes, and hugs.

A young boy, no more than ten, took notice of my presence and our eyes briefly locked. He smiled and so did I.

Pain. Weeping. The boy wanted no part of me (that part I had no problem with, good on him not trusting a stranger) and ran up to the church. A member of the congregation pat the kid on the shoulder as he ran by. That pain and anxiety intensified tenfold. But then there was a surge of adrenalin and violence from that other member. This sensation repeated itself through the crowd, not only direct at the young boy, but toward other men…women…girls…

I kept walking.

Waves of apprehension and more anxiety focused on me as I passed others on my way past the shops and through the supermarket.

They were wary of me. And they still kept smiling.

Others wanted to dominate me. And the pleasant eyes kept watching.

I purchased enough food to feed me for a week and I made my way home; head down, not wanting to exist to anyone else. In quick succession I locked the doors, closed the blinds, and buried myself under mounds of blankets until nightfall.

I have no idea how I got here…but I want to go home. My world. These people are frightening. They keep their true selves hidden away, even the monsters. And there are so, so many of them.


Assistant: Wow. Can we get a location on that place? I need to remind myself to never go there.

Yuki: Might as well stay here and grab some sheets and covers to hide under, my faithful assistant. ‘Cuz I don’t think there’s to many populated spaces on this planet that’d be any different.

Assistant: *sighing* Once again, Yuki, you’re the pinnacle of comfort.

Yuki: Aww, thank you!

Assistant: T-that was sarcasm…you know that, right?

Yuki: Yup!


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