Too Many Shirts

An old man notices the weird clothing choices of the younger generation. These details stick with the man as sinister happenings come about. Rated: T

A Void Christmas

Yuki and her assistant go into the Void for some holiday cheer

Rated: E

The New Family – Part 8

After viewing and listening through the various recordings and logs, Jaden tries to lay low as while working out how to find her family.

No Excursion Tonight

Due to a personal situation beyond our control, there will be no story this evening. We will resume our regular posts in a fortnight. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The City Council

A local city council makes a vote that will changes the lives of its citizens and themselves, forever.

Rated: M

Something’s in the Woods

A young boy encounters a monster in the woods during a neighborhood block party. The worst part is that the monster recognizes him and tries to lure him away from family and friends.

The Order Picker

A warehouse worker has an incredibly boring start to the day, halfway through, however, the unimaginable happens.

Rated: M

The Last Dominion

The last remaining custodian of a distant planet reflects on the past few hundred years of its history.

Rated: T